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FortiGate Renewals

Find and order your support and subscription renewals online here!

- Electronic License keys and support certificates are shipped via email, usually within 3 working days. 

- We also sell virtual appliances such as FortiVM, FortiMail virtual, FortiWeb virtual. All licenses are shipped electronically.

- All support renewals require the system serial number. For clusters both nodes system serial is required. This is to ensure remaining support is credited to the new support and new subscriptions are automatically activated on the firewalls. If your previous support contract has been expired, and you buy 12 months renewal, Fortinet may opt to backdate the renewal to the date, when the previous support expired. For 36 months and longer renewals, there is no backdating of renewal dates and the start date will be the date when the order was processed and shipped. 

Therefore, if your support is still active, remaining days are not lost and will be carried over automatically once you activate the new license for your appliance.